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Through our Pilates Cardiocamp™ class we strive to assist members of all levels in achieving their fitness and health goals - whatever they may be.

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Are You Ready To

Firm Up?

 Carol, Pilates Cardiocamp Member


Do you...


STRUGGLE with exercising on your own?




Want to focus on your "FEMALE AREAS"? 


Feel BORED with routine workouts that seem monotonous?

"All New Clients"

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 Hi there,

If you want to join a program that firms and tones your upper and lower body, release inches around your belly, and makes you feel like you matter, you've found it!

You are busy and still being fit and healthy is important to you. 


But you don't have a lot of time to spend running to a gym where you are just another member.


You might feel like the years are passing by and each year you are in the same body that doesn't feel strong, firm and beautiful!


You may be overwhelmed with work, kids, social life, and taking care of the house and your partner. 

"We Can Train You to Feel Vibrantly

Alive, Firm and Healthy!"

Our Programs...


bullet       STRENGTHEN your core from the inside-out! 

bullet       Create a QUICK way to firm Up!

bullet       Are community based where YOU matter!

bullet       Train both indoors and outdoors to create a unique training environment! 


Program Creator, and Fitness Expert  

 Michelle Melendez

The Pilates Cardiocamp is like a bootcamp class. It is 5 weeks long and trains you with the ONLY exercise method documented by the Journal of Applied Research, the Bender Method.

Master Bender Method Trainer, Michelle Melendez created this program to be fun, effective, and energize you starting your first day!  

Listen to real members of the live program:

  Betty, Pilates Cardiocamp Member

Dave and Carol, Pilates Cardiocamp Members

Ellen, Pilates Cardiocamp Member

See our programs and find one that is best for you. We'll see you in class!
To Your Health, 


Michelle Melendez
  Fitness Expert


Let this be the year you have the fitness, health and body you've wanted. It can be done. Join us and watch your body transform!


The hardest part of getting fit is to start! Pick up the phone. Talk to us live. Tell us what day you'll be starting. A year from now you'll be so glad you did! 1.866.339.4438